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PostSubject: THE FIVE ITEMED AGENDA FOR ESTABLISHING ISLAM   February 16th 2012, 12:13 am

THE FIVE ITEMED AGENDA FOR ESTABLISHING ISLAM Mohammad Bayazeed Khan Panni The Course of Action
Starting from Adam (as) till the last Messenger of Allah everyone that Allah has sent for the guidance of mankind has been sent with the key-word La Elaha Ella Allah, there is none to be obeyed other than Allah i.e. the sovereignty of Allah followed by the name of the particular person declaring him to be a Messenger from Allah. Depending on the region, its climate, environment and other factors the codes, rules and regulations i.e. the Shariah has been different in the Din brought by the different Messengers. Even the laws, penal codes, economic policies has been different in the Din (ways of life) sent with the different Messengers has been different. But the key-word, the foundation of the Din (ways of life) has not been different even for once. It was always been La Elaha Ella Allah with every one of the one hundred and twenty four thousand Messengers.1 Every Messenger has been entrusted with the responsibility of bringing his people within the Din based on the sovereignty of Allah. The last of the linage of the Messengers Mohammad (s.a.s) bin Abdallah is our leader and we are his followers and Ummah. The difference between our leader Mohammad (s.a.s) and the other Messengers is that previous to him every Messenger was sent to a particular region of the earth, to a particular people for their guidance in a certain point in the process of evolution of mankind, and our leader was sent for the guidance of the whole mankind for all time to come. Allah said that He has sent His Messenger with the Guidance (Hedayah) and True Din (way of life) to prevail it over all other ways of life.2 Here we can see that there are three subjects in these ayats. The first two, Hedayah and the Din ul Huq, the True way of life based on the Hedayah i.e. the Tawheed are from Allah and the third subject, the job of prevailing these two over all other ways of life is responsibility of the Messenger. Allah has sent Tawheed based true way of life through His Messengers but it is common sense that this Tawheed based true way of life is absolutely useless if it is not made effective in mankind’s life. That is why He entrusted His Messengers to do it. As a constitution of a nation state however excellent it is, is useless if it is not made effective in the people’s life, so sending His Messenger with the Din based on the Tawheed, the sovereignty of Allah is also useless if it is not made effective in mankind’s life. That is why He entrusted His Messenger (Mohammad s.a.s) with the task of prevailing the Din ul Huq over all other ways of life in the whole world, i.e. to make it effective in mankind’s life. Here we can see that the full and complete Islam has two parts, the Din ul Huq based on the Tawheed of Allah (Allah’s part) and prevailing it over all other Dins (the Messenger’s part). These parts are interdependent. The first part, Tawheed based Din ul Huq is useless without the second part, effectiveness of it in the human life; no need of the second part if the first part is unavailable. Hence, both the parts are absolutely equally important, one is meaningless without the other. We have seen that Allah has given the Tawheed based Din ul Huq consisting of the Qur’an and entrusted His Messenger to prevail it on all other Dins, ways of life. Now the question is how the Messenger would accomplish the tusk? Has Allah given the great responsibility to His Messenger without telling him how to accomplish the mission and left him to think about ways and means to do it? No, He hasn’t. Allah is Sobhan i.e. He is
faultless, does not make any mistake, has no shortcoming, has no defect or flaw, in short
is not only perfect but ultimate and absolutely perfect. So it cannot be that He would
order something but will not inform or teach 1 Qur’an- Sura Ambia- 25 2 Qur’an, Surah
Taubah-33, Saff-9, Fatah-28 3 the ways and means of doing it. In the whole of the Qur’an
nowhere Allah has ordered His Messenger or the Mo’mens (believers) anything which
He has not explained how to do it. And most of these processes of how to do that had
been taught through the Messenger. For example, in the Qur’an Allah has ordered the
Messenger and the Mo’mens to establish Salah, but has not said how to do it. It is
through His Messenger that He has informed the Mo’men about the details of performing
the Salah; standing in straight line facing the Qaba, recite the Qur’an, bowing down,
prostration, straightening up, go down to Sajdah, sit back, turning head to right and left
etc. So when He ordered His Messenger to prevail this Din-ul-Huq over all other ways of
life in the world, He must have informed him how to accomplish this responsibility. Of
course Allah knew that the opposition and confrontation that His Messenger would face
would be as big and serious as the task He has entrusted with. Has He taught His
Messenger the policy and the process how to overcome the opposition and crush the
confrontation? See more- please visit
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