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 Counselling Brothers And Sisters.

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Abu Zainab


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PostSubject: Counselling Brothers And Sisters.   April 30th 2011, 12:27 pm

Assalam alaykum,
Noting the rather turbulent times in which we live today, may I have the privelege of Counselling/Advising us on 6 things as follows:--
1. We should not be unduly loving the world, while forgetting the Hereafter.
2. We should not be loving wealth..or amassing wealth, and forget the Day of Reckoning.
3. We must stop loving/relaying-on the creation, while forgetting the Creator.
4. We must stop sinning and embrace Repentance.
5. We should not be in love with our homes and/or undue luxuries, while forgetting the Grave, and
6. We must be satisfied with Allah Most High in scarcity and plenty, and turn to Him {Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala} in happiness or affliction.

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Counselling Brothers And Sisters.
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