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PostSubject: Poems   March 11th 2007, 3:11 pm


Funny how $10 looks so big when we take it to masjid and so small
when we take it to the store.

Funny how big an hour serving God looks and how small 60 mintues are when spent playing golf, fishing or playing soccer.

Funny how laborious it is to read a juzz in the Quran and how easy it is to read - 2-300 pages of a best selling novel.

Funny how we believe what newspapers say but question what the Quran says.

Funny how we can't think of anything to say when we pray and don't have any difficulty thinking of things to talk to a friend.

Funny how we need 2-3 weeks to fit an islamic event into our schedule, but can adjust it for a social event at the last moment.

Funny isn't it?


A Book that is full of answers,
A Book that makes you cry.
A Book that makes you notice,
How much harder you can try.
A Book that makes you realize,
What true love really is...
A Book that gives you direction,
for all of life’s tough biz.
A Book that gives you hope,
that Someone somewhere’s watching over you.
A Book that helps you out,
Through all the times your blue.
A Book that was revealed to our beloved Prophet(SAWS),
over a period of 23 years
Once you put faith into this Book,
You can handle worldly fears.
A gift sent down from Heaven,
A treasure from above,
Written proof that shows us
How blessed we are with Allah(SWT’s) love!

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