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 Community Meeting

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PostSubject: Community Meeting   February 15th 2007, 12:32 am

Here are the condensed minutes, in case you missed it. Meaning, they're paraphrased, not verbatim (unless its in quotes). I've bolded the parts concerning us.
1:00- Dhur & Asr prayers
1:34 - Brunch (man those kabobs were awesome...)
2:20- Meeting begins.
2:21- Qu'ranic recitation by Hamid Shirazi
[Dr. Shirazi]Mission hash out differences and make way for youth as they bear the torch to light the future. Meeting will go by Robert's Rules of Order. Suggestions can be written down & submitted after the meeting or spoken allowed. Dr. Quyyumi will conduct the meeting.

[Dr. Arshad Quyyumi] Main goal create a management committee & discuss board of trustees and executive commitee.
<Here, a pause as Dr. Riaz Khan gives a brief history on the founding of Zainabia. {9th rabial awwal (14th april) will be the 10th anniversary of ZIEC*}> [Dr. Quyyumi continues] "No matter what we do in the West, we will always be remembered by our institutions". credit was given to the sisters who made the ZIEC school. "We want new blood" message is to stenghten our institution (Zainabia).
<Here, Dr. Quyummi opens a pre-prepared power point presentation> Tustees have run ZIEC** for the past 10 years. the suggestion is to create a management committee of 5 memebers (tentative) to run ZIEC day-to-day. Should have president, secretary, treasurer, youth voice, & ladies voice. management commitee should be elected by an open ballot. {Who is a memebr? membership, annual fees? etc.} committee should have a working capital alloted by trustees, who will see to business & legal aspects of ZIEC. new by-laws will be set in place. management comm. should interact/ different sub committees to propogate change. (outreach sub committee, aalim search, education, youth, etc.)
Programming sub-commitee emphasis on english programs, speakers, topic, frequency of meeting. informational settings. link with youth & ladies.
Yout Sub-commitee should be elected. sunday school, sports camps, arrange youth trips, sleepovers, etc.
community outreach sub liasing with local community, partnering with other shia organiztions, 'shia-wide org.', development of these can go forward. partner with other muslim organizations (not exclusively shia) & contact w/ media & politics. Inter-faith meetings. find out about other islamic things in the community, academic institutions outreach. involved w/ homesless, underprivileged, etc. healthfairs, blood dontations, etc.
aalim search sub executive commitee. teachers, parents, aalim. temporary.
renovation project sub urgent need of renovation. space for sunday school. hygenic kitched, bathrooms, multi-purpose halls, hall rental for private functions.
HIGHLIGHTS- to develop a voting system, you need members & to establish membership you need memebership dues. mission statement, etc. <Here the constitution of ZIEC was circulated> vision statement, establish goals.
{Questions were asked, and comments were given}
3:30- meeting ends.
* We should do something to celebrate that.
**Zianabia Islamic Education Center
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Number of posts : 119
Age : 27
Birthday : June 8, 1991
Registration date : 2007-01-31

PostSubject: Re: Community Meeting   February 15th 2007, 12:41 am

Here's the letter that could be submitted afterwards.

"What are you going to do?
The world is telling lies
Who will tell the truth?"
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Community Meeting
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